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25" Cool Lam Refills

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*Taxes only apply to orders in NC and SC.

25" x 300' Dual Sided Laminate in either Matte or Glossy finish for 25" Cool Lam Cold Laminator.

GLOSSY Dual-Sided Lamination Refill for your Cool Lam. Glossy Lamination on both top and bottom rolls to give your poster a bright, vibrant color and shiny finish!

Dual Sided Matte Lamination Refill. The top roll will be your MATTE finish laminate. The bottom roll is a GLOSSY finish. If you choose to switch between Matte And Glossy-simply flip your poster over and laminate with printed side down to achieve the GLOSSY finish on top! Benefits of the MATTE finish: less glare, professional finish look, great for photographs, and posters for areas that have fluorescent lighting!